2019 Is The Year of Kpop World Tours (& I'm Stressed)

At the beginning of this year I said I wanted to go to multiple kpop concerts this year and EVERYONE decided to start touring and overall we’re excited and a little stressed and definitely poor.
What kpop concerts will YOU be attending this year??


💿 Upcoming Unboxings: 💿

📦 = Shipped

♡ Kpopmart vs Kpoptown HAUL
♡ Yesasia Haul
♡ LOONA XX (Limited A&B + Normal A&B)
♡ Jisung Aside (Baek + Bang Version) 📦
♡ Dreamcatcher The End Of Nightmare (Instability + Stability Ver) 📦
♡ (G)I-dle 2nd Mini I Made
♡ Dongwoo 1st Mini BYE

💿 Ordering: 💿

♡ Hoya 1st Japanese Single Album
♡ Yesung JP Album
♡ Yesung KR Comeback
♡ Somi Debut
♡ TXT Debut?
♡ GWSN Comeback
♡ Stray Kids CB
♡ Atlanta Kpop Store Haul!

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