Madonna /// Drowned World Tour /// AI HD Interpretation upscaled

TRACK list below

I used Artificial Intelligence powered software (and other professional tools and software) to enhanced this footage.

It is therefore presented here completely reworked visually in a form that didn’t exists before.

The footage I’m working on this time is SD, standard definition, NTSC.
The concert was shoot in NTSC 29,97i. This version comes from the official Video DVD.
The show was shot and broadcast interlaced (as the HBO original files proves it) and later de-interlace after re-editing and grading for the DVD release.
This de-interlacing left some heavy marks in the footage.
Also, the reworked DVD result is unfortunately very blurry.

I’m not very happy with the result here as it contains a lot of artifacts due to this original de-interlacing, but indeed the look, the grading and the editing of this version is quite excellent … it was worth trying.
You can clearly sees here the limitations of the software, but anyway … enjoy!

The technology itself, a software using artificial intelligence, makes the result unique and transformed. It is more an interpretation than an upscale.
It’s only purpose is to demonstrate the power and sometimes limitations of artificial intelligence in video post production.
The content of the post is being used for comment/educational and demonstrative purposes only.

00:02:00 Drowned World/Substitute for Love
00:06:27 Impressive Instant
00:10:26 Candy Perfume Girl
00:15:24 Beautiful Stranger
00:20:00 Ray of Light
00:25:45 Paradise (Not for Me)
00:30:13 Frozen
00:36:05 Nobody’s Perfect
00:40:12 Mer Girl
00:41:45 Sky Fits Heaven
00:45:05 Mer Girl
00:47:20 What It Feels Like for a Girl
00:50:52 I Deserve It
00:55:20 Don’t Tell Me
01:00:05 Human Nature
01:03:26 The Funny Song
01:08:00 Secret
01:12:19 Gone
01:15:55 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
01:18:24 Lo que siente la mujer
01:23:50 La Isla Bonita
01:30:31 Holiday
01:36:10 Music

All rights to the copyright owners (obviously, not me).

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///No copyright infringement intended, This is being used for comment/educational and demonstrative purposes only///


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