Celtic Thunder Interview in Boston on Legacy Tour

Celtic Thunder has become a household name since the Irish singing group’s establishment nearly a decade ago. Since the quintet’s formation, they have traveled the world captivating audiences with adaptations of both traditional and modern Irish songs, from “Danny Boy” to “Galway Girl.” Since 2007, Celtic Thunder, known for its eclectic, theatrical style, has released twelve albums and ten DVDs of live performances and embarked on nine global tours. The Legacy Tour showcases the best of a decade’s worth of Irish musical culture.

I caught up with the internationally renowned group before they took the stage at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre as they celebrate a nine-year legacy in a tour named the same. I talked to the boys about keeping shows exciting with fresh arrangements, how they maintain musical and social cohesion with members old and new, and what they’re planning next.

Check out their YouTube page! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheThunderTube


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