Mary’s Apparitions for the World: Tours, Manopello

The early apparitions in the 1830s and 1840s were the foundation stones of all the subsequent modern apparitions. Before the great apparition at LaSalette, Jesus and Mary used a generous Carmelite Sister as the vessel to receive and transmit important lessons of the great power that small sacrifices have to change hearts and to change the world. Sister Marie StPierre of the Holy Family was a household name in Catholic France, thanks to labors of Leo Dupont. Later on, St. Therese the “Little Flower,” another French Carmelite, was God’s chosen instrument to “broadcast” to the whole world the lessons that she learned from Sister Marie StPierre. And it is not words alone, but the very expression of the “Face of God” which taught them and teaches us. This conference calls attention to three miraculous images: Veronica’s Veil, the Shroud of Turin and the veil of Manoppello

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