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The most profitable world tours belong to these music superstars. Drake and Future’s 2016 tour out-earned Jay-Z and Kanye’s concert collabo. Meanwhile, Madonna’s eighth tour is the highest-grossing stage show for any solo artist. #music #profitable #tour #tours #profit #superstars #stars #musicians #celebs #celebrities #pagesix #madonna #drake #future #u2 Page Six is your source for celebrity news, gossip, entertainment, pop culture, and more. Catch the latest news and gossip here: Follow us on: Facebook – Twitter –

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Minecraft World Tours – My Tekkit World

Hey guys, Zarkazm here! This is a new series i’m going to do called “Minecraft World Tours”. For the most part, this is just me showing off some creations of mine, but also asking for your input. For my first episode, i’ve chosen to show off my first Tekkit world. In this world, I’ve made many mistakes, but have since corrected them in a multi-player world. I figured i’d show off this one, and ask for some suggestions. I’d like

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Episode 12: Minecraft World Tours (Grey View City)

Thanks for watching this video! I had a great time touring this! Be sure to watch next week’s “Minecraft World Tours”! Peace! BaCkOuTaNdJoIn (Creator) Youtube- ____________________________________________________________________ My channel- Follow me on Twitter- source

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