How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World by Motorcycle

So you want to travel around the world, you’ve watched the first vid on How to Plan a Trip Around the World by Motorcycle, and now you want to know How Much Does it Cost to Travel Around the World, you need an Around the World Budget Guide. Well you’ve come to the right place then as that’s what this vid is all about.

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In this vid were going to cover the following topics as we cover motorcycle trip budgeting, so if you’re only interested in some of them you can check out the timestamp in the description below and jump straight to whatever topic you like. So lets crack on with these awesome travel tips about around the world planning.

* How long will you be away for –
* What accommodation – 2:45
* Diet – 4:20
* Social Scene/Activites – 5:38
* Vaccinations – 6:08
* Insurances – 7:19
* Sea/Air Shipping – 8:27
* How to work out the Daily Budget – 9:41

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Formula for working out number of days to ride the trip:

Take your total mileage of your trip, divide it by an estimate of how far you want to ride each day, to give you a guide on how long it will take you to just ride that distance – let’s call that A.

Then divide (A) by 3 (or however many days you want to ride inbetween stop overs) and whatever the answer is – let’s call that B, just add A + B together to = C (the total time to travel that section, allowing for time off the bike to sightsee and do stuff)

Total Mileage/daily mileage limit = A

A/3 = B

A+B = C


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