Kettler World Tours 2.0 Demo Video (German)

KETTLER WORLD TOURS 2.0“ is a must for all ambitious athletes who do a majority of their workouts with a race ergometer, ergometer, cross trainer, or treadmill. This software allows you to record tours via smartphone or GPS device while on the road, and ride/run that same route again using 3D maps and your KETTLER fitness equipment. Even if it is snowing, stormy or raining outside, you can train indoors and feel as if you are on your own training route. In addition, there is also an online mode in which you can plan and stage virtual competitions with other users via the internet portal

Compatibles with Kettler S-Line, Racer RS, Racer S, Tour S, Coach S, Run S, Skylon S, Unix S, Recumbent S, Ergo S.

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