Global InterGold Peru: Global Tour in Lima! Have you heard about the 3rd event of Global Tour 2016? Get more details!

The third and the last Global Tour event in Latin America was held in Peru. The capital of the country hosted the guests who attended the conference aiming to widen their business horizons. What useful information have the participants learned at the Global Tour Peru event? What are they sharing in their videos? Check it out!

Business trips and widening your outlook are highly important for business development, especially on international level. Traveling to another country does not only help you to establish new contacts and share experience, but also brings you a vast cultural enrichment. It’s one of the reasons for which Online Gold Shop customers to travel to other countries. It has been noticed that such experience is beneficial for customers.
The Global Tour 2016 is this year large-scale initiative, a tour along different countries with conferences dedicated to gold business. Customers who attended one or several events of the Global Tour 2016 have shared positive and enthusiastic feedback.

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