Zoo Tours Ep. 29: The Unseen New World || Nashville Zoo

It’s an Aquarium, a Reptile House, an Insectarium, and an Aviary all in one – this is the Unseen New World: Creatures of the Americas! Built in 1998, this is one of the most diverse collections of small, tropical creatures you’ll ever find. It’s designed to throw away your expectations – jellyfish are next to spiders, seahorses are next to lizards – you truly don’t know what you’ll see next. The Unseen New World is composed of small distinguished animals set in world class displays – and it doesn’t comes without a purpose. If your eyes focus away from the animals, you’ll see the attraction’s message that is sure to inspire. The building encourages you to think of the world’s small wonders in a new way. There is no higher or lower value. That Earth’s most famous creatures aren’t always more important than the lesser known. Next time you’re walking through nature, take a moment to search around for the Overlooked, the Ignored, the Misunderstood, the Unseen. Your journey to see animals in a whole new light begins with here, in the Unseen New World at the Nashville Zoo.

Species List – Not Every Animal Was Accounted For

1. West Indes Tank: French Angelfish, Porcupine Pufferfish, Red-tailed Triggerfish, Creole Fish, Slippery Dick Wrasse, Puddingwife Wrasse, Butter Helmet, Clown Wrasse, Blue Tang, Harlequin Bass, Blue Chromis
2. Rhinoceros Iguana
3. Lined Seahorse, Dusky Pipefish
4. Trinidad Giant Cockroach
5. Giant Cuban Anole, Cuban False Chameleon
6. Haitian Giant Anole, Hispaniola Tree Frog
7. Upside-Down Jellyfish
8. Trinidad Chevron Tarantula
9. Blue Chromis, Brain Coral, Frogspawn, Acropora, Zoanthids
10. Pacific Lionfish
11. Spiny-tailed Iguana, Desert Tortoise, Beaded Lizard
12. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
13. Mexican Landehead Rattlesnake
14. Gila Monster
15. Black Widow
16. Brown Recluse
17. Southern Copperhead
18. Alligator Snapping Turtle
19. Indigo Snake
20. Tiger Salamander
21. Paintedhand Mudbug
22. Eastern Hellbender, Water Snake
23. Blanchard’s Milksnake
24. Giant Whip Scorpion
25. Red Knee Tarantula
26. Axolotl
27. Razor-back Musk Turtle, Spotted Turtle
28. Yellow-blotched Map Turtle
29. Splendid Leaf Frog, Sabana Surinam Toad
30. Central American Banded Gecko, Annulated Boa
31. Red-eyed Tree Frog, Spiny-headed Tree Frog
32. Short-tailed Leaf-nosed Bat
33. Tiger Rat Snake, Harlequin Racer, Mexican Leaf Frog
34. Elegant Helmeted Iguana, Green-and-Black Poison Dart Frog, Panamanian Golden Frog
35. Rainbow Boa, Emerald Tree Boa, Poison Arrow Frog
36. Green Anaconda, Red-tailed Boa Constrictor
37. Dwarf Caiman, Spot-bellied Side-necked Turtle, Yellow-spotted Amazon River Turtle, Discusfish , Earth Eater
38. Waxy Monkey Leaf Frog
39. Horned Frog
40. Strawberry Poison Frog
41. Amazon Milk Frog, Monkey Anole, Surinam Toad, more
42-47. Green Basilisk, Caiman Lizard, Mata Mata Turtle, Ocellate River Ray, White-spotted River Stingray, Banded Leporinus, Black Arowana Redhook Myleus, Silver Arowana, Yellow-banded Poison Frog, Spiny-necked Turtle, Firemouth Cichlid, Pike Cichlid, Jack Dempsey Fish, Abramite Headstander, more
48. Caiman Lizard
49. Two-striped Forest Pitviper, Slender Hognose Pitviper
50. Yellow-headed Gecko, South American Green Racer
51. South American Bushmaster, Bumblebee Walking Toad, Allison’s Anole
52. Eyelash Viper
53. Jumping Pitviper
54. Panamanian Golden Frog
55. Puerto Rican Crested Toad
56. Poison Arrow Frog
57. African Clawed Frog
58. Cane Toad
59. American Bullfrog
60. Aviary (Species List as Stated by the Zoo’s Blog): Green Wood Hoopoe, Yellow-rumped Cacique, Red-capped Cardinal, Blue-crowned Mot-Mot, African Pygmy Goose, Black-spotted Barbet, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Croaking Ground Dove, Silver-beaked Tanager, Peruvian Meadowlark Chiloe Wigeon, Linne’s Two-toed Sloth
61. Argentine Black-and-white Tegu, Red-footed Tortoise

Music Credit:
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