Super Monkey Ball 1 World Tours (target ocean tour)

Uploaded on Apr 8, 2009

This is close-up look at SMB1’s outside scenery. Thanks to finally finding the code for moon jump (and unexpectedly debug) in Super Monkey Ball 1, I can finally do a video on touring the outside scenery of this game. I’ve modified the code using GCNcrypt (see Action Replay Central for more details on this) to get others, hover in particular. I left my voice out because it hinders my concentration (this is already take 7).

This segment of the 15-part series covers the ocean world, of which is used for target. For secrets of the islands around the area, see SMB2’s world tours. However, SMB1 has a new element to it – the blimp. That thing is very fast – 330 mph. You should quickly recognize the monkey inside the blimp if you’re familiar with the series, but this monkey’s appearance is haunting…. You might also note the relationship between the height meter and the debug panel’s “inty” variable. The height meter is oddly 1 unit lower than that of the real height (that’s the inty), both of which use meters as the unit. Also note that the speed indicator here goes over 999, though the one’s digit hides behind the “mph” text. I needed this kind of speed so I can get the great height I needed in order to access the blimp.


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