AIR BERLIN Business Class A330-200 Chicago to Berlin.

You can often find cheaper Biz Class fare promoted with Air Berlin. But is it worth it?!?!

This flight was a good flight on Air Berlin, besides being out of stock on Slippers and limited glassware. But the return flight was a terrible experience, enough so that we will not spend our money on Air Berlin again.

A change of aircraft which they gave our seats away only to put us in the back near the galley. Tegel airport with Long Haul Air Berlin flights are in an Annex Building with no Lounge and overpriced Cart foods. Buses and stairs to load long haul flight to the USA and maybe other destinations. Customer service was non-existent via email or Twitter. The Movie selection in regards to entertainment was very limited. Same movies playing for November/December. What a waste of money in my experienced opinion!

BUT, that being said we made the most of the flights and the crews were pleasant!

Check out this good example of Air Berlin’s Business class.


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