Kerala – God's Own Country

Kerala – Gods Own Country :
Recapture the magic of first love as you slip into a world of your own floating gently down the legendary serene Kerala backwaters in Alleppey in a traditional kettuvallam. Today’s beautifully appointed luxury houseboat equipped with a range of delight-giving luxuries have humble beginnings. Kettuvallams were 100 ft-long boats (cobbled together not with nails, but with ropes) which were basically crafted to ferry goods such as rice and spices— and even passengers, along the network of waterways in coastal Kerala hinterland between Port Cochin and Kuttanad. Over the centuries Kettuvallams were crafted with thatched roofs and anchored near the riverside villages. In time kettuvallams came to be used as a luxurious form of transportation by the nobility and eventually came to be adopted by the tourism industry as an experience of privilege and romantic delight.

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