Mayorca Mall | Sabaneta | 4K Virtual World Tour

The Mayorca Shopping Center arose as a response to the need that the inhabitants of the south had for a commercial offer in the sector, since at that time the shopping centers were located in the center of Medellín. With this projection, it would become the only shopping center located in the southern zone of the metropolitan area with commercial and entertainment spaces, in addition to having a direct entrance to the Itagüí Station of the Medellin Metro.

First level: commercial premises, bank, ATMs and parking lots.

Second level: the main boulevard with shops and a food court

Third level: parking spaces, and at an intermediate level, covered parking spaces.

This is a 12-story construction, of which the first 4 floors are commercial, on the 5th floor is the children’s recreation area, movie theaters, gym, casino, and from the 8th to the 12th floor are the Useful rooms, offices, 2 auditoriums, and parking lots that total approximately 1000.

On November 26, 2015, Stage 3 was opened, which connects with two bridges over Las Vegas Avenue, in order to create an area of ​​219,000 m2 built and 78,500 m2 commercial, in addition to changing the descriptor to Mega Plaza which includes Plaza Outlet, Plaza Médica, Plaza Empresarial, event venues, entertainment for adults and children, movie theaters, bowling alleys, financial and educational entities, auditoriums and meeting rooms, among many others in more than 500 locations.


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