Zoo Tours: World of the Insect | Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden


Before you look away, just give the little guys a chance. After all, they’re all some of the most important living things on this planet. The Cincinnati Zoo has spent decades trying to sway the public’s perception of creepy crawlies. The World of the Insect opened in 1978, becoming the first major and permanent Insect House in an American Zoo. This episode invites you to overcome your fears and learn to respect the underappreciated world below us. You’ll walk amongst colorful roaches, giant tarantulas, a beetle that can lift 150 times its own weight, walking sticks that are nearly impossible to find, the most insect like mammals, and the hardest workers in the animal kingdom.

Butterly Aviary Photos
1. https://www.zoochat.com/community/media/aug-2019-world-of-the-insect-butterfly-aviary-4-species.456494/
2. https://www.zoochat.com/community/media/may-2014-world-of-the-insect-blue-ground-dove.257920/
3. https://www.zoochat.com/community/media/jul-2012-butterfly-rainforest-entrance.194806/
4. https://www.zoochat.com/community/media/feb-2012-butterfly-rainforest-9-species-in-world-of-the-insect.177699/

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