Abbey Road Amplify – Day Three, Studio Two

Over 7, 8 and 12 November, we’re opening our doors to the next generation of artists, engineers and creatives for a free, two-day festival to celebrate our 90th anniversary!


Job Roles Within The Music Industry – Hosted by Hannah Fitzgerald from our specialist music production school, Abbey Road Institute (ARI), we speak to ARI alumna and Grammy-nominated Producer, GG, Project Manager Jay Mobbs-Beal, who has managed teams across global tours, down to detailed plans, schematics and kit lists, logistics, transport, schedules, content and sub-hires, Deputy Director of Engagement & Partnerships for East London Arts & Music Academy, Kim Goddard, Head of Marketing at EMI, Helen Kennedy and Dion Peters.

The Joy of Making Music – Hosted by Senior Broadcast Journalist at Radio X, Sunta Templeton, this panel looks to highlight the importance and benefits of music as a medium for expression and some of the opportunities that can come with it.

Speaking to the likes of James Smith, Conor Albert, Kamille and Che Lingo, we explore the avenues music has opened up for them.

The Craft of Hitmaking – Hosted by The Official Charts’ Carl Smith, we speak to a group of experts, including Mark Ralph, Michelle Escoffery and Sharna Bass as they share their expertise to help demystify the secrets to commercially successful songs and compositions, whether that be an original song, writing to a brief or for other artists.

From Bedroom Producer To Professional – Learn how to kickstart your career as a producer. Hosted by Music Tech’s Sam Willings, we speak to Swindle, Karma Kid and I.Jordan and take a look at how they turned making beats in their bedrooms into a professional career and how you can too.

Promoting Your Music – Hosted by NME’s Thomas Smith, we’ll be talking to the likes of Sarah Henderson (Murray Chalmers PR), Mikey Lloyd (Plugged In PR), Sammy Andrews (Deviate Digital) and more, this panel will provide an insight into the multiple facets of music promotion covering areas in streaming, PR, social media and radio, we pull apart the analytics to find out how artists are working today.

The Business of Music – When is the right time to get signed? How do you find an artist manager? What is the role of a booking agent? Find out all of this and more as we explore the inner workings of the music industry from landing a record deal and management to understanding music law and booking agents. Hosted by BBC’s Chi Chi Izundu, guests include: Jordan Whitmore (Head of A&R, Domino), Jonny Greenfield (WME), Alex Cole and Adetokunbo “T” Oyelola (Artist Manager for YolanDa Brown).


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